The event aims to provide young Moroccans with the tools and mindset necessary to thrive in a dynamic business landscape.

Rabat – The second edition of the Alumni Connect program in Morocco is set to have a significant impact by launching the “Learn2Create Business Skills Retreat” on July 29 and 30 in Casablanca.

The event, which will take place at the Idou Anfa Hotel & Spa, will bring together 25 young Moroccans who are alumni of American exchange programs and who are "eager to strengthen their leadership skills and expand their influence within their respective organizations." , as reported by the organizers in a press release.

The two-day event will include two interactive workshops focused on conflict resolution and tension reduction in the workplace, and data-driven sales success.

Participants in the Learn2Create Business Skills Retreat will also enjoy “inspiring” lectures and networking opportunities, culminating in a two-month period of online workshops, the release stated.

The highlight of the event will be a panel discussion on “Digital Transformation for Startups and Companies in Morocco”, scheduled for July 29. The panel will feature representatives from the U.S. Embassy, Alumni Connect program participants, and local alumni.

The Alumni Connect program aims to empower more than 300 young Moroccans who are alumni of American exchange programs in the fields of project management, leadership and entrepreneurship, the organizers added.

The initiative also promises to equip participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to become "agents of social change" in their communities, the statement added.

Additionally, it seeks to foster strong connections between Moroccan alumni and the U.S. Embassy in Morocco, as well as facilitate valuable interactions between alumni and new alumni.

By harnessing the power of networking, the program is committed to integrating these young professionals into their communities “to have a social impact through new approaches, tools, networks and funding opportunities.”

As a key component of the Alumni Connect program, the Learn2Create Business Skills Retreat promises to provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing, with the aim of fostering a vibrant community of changemakers in Moroccan society.

Ultimately, it aims to create a new generation of business leaders who will shape Morocco's future and make lasting contributions to the global community.

Source: moroccanworldnews