The total investment effort of the public sector amounts to 335 billion dirhams (MMDH) for the year 2024, according to the presentation note of the budget bill for next year (PLF-2024)

This budget is distributed mainly in the Mohammed VI Fund for Investment (45 MMDH) and the General Budget, the Special Treasury Accounts (CST) and the autonomously managed State Services (SEGMA), neutralizing the transfers from the General Budget to Public Companies and State Entities (EEP), CST and SEGMA (103 MMDH), as detailed in the presentation note, published on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

This investment effort also focuses on the EEPs (152 MMDH), local authorities (20 MMDH) and the Special Fund for managing the effects of the earthquake (15 MMDH), adds the same source.

In detail, the investment programs financed through the CST focus mainly on strengthening the national road network, supporting actions in the agriculture, water and forestry, audiovisual, housing, justice, culture, sports and financing sectors. of socio-educational programs. The note indicates that SEGMA's investment programs amount to 286.31 million dirhams (MDH).

Regarding the investment budgets of local authorities, they are mainly allocated to the creation of infrastructure to improve the living conditions of the population. Efforts will focus on the expansion and improvement of road and sanitation networks, the construction of cultural, sports and leisure infrastructure, markets and public buildings, as well as the creation of gardens and green spaces.

Regarding the EEP investment programs, they mainly cover the sectors of energy, telecommunications, housing, agriculture, electricity, drinking water, phosphates and their derivatives, highways and air, maritime and railway transport.

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