EGYPT has more than $100 billion worth of energy supply projects under study or in the planning stage, preparing the North African country to meet its energy needs for decades to come.

The $ 14 billion Al Negila nuclear power plant was announced in 2016, with the contract expected in November 2026. The project has a 10-year construction schedule. Once completed, the plant will generate 2,800 megawatts of power online. Egypt Electricity Holding Company is also investing in the 17 solar-powered desalination plants worth $ 2.5 billion and a green hydrogen project of $ 4 billion. 

Among the energy projects underway is the $2.75 billion Euro-Africa Interconnection. The project aims to connect the networks of Egypt, Cyprus and Greece through a direct current (DC) submarine cable. It will have ground converter stations along the connection points with a capacity of 2,000 megawatts. The energy highway, which is being built in two phases, links Africa and Europe, stretching for 1,396 kilometers. It will create an alternative route to the transfer of energy to and from Europe.

On a broader scale is the $28.7 billion El Dabaa nuclear power plant. In July, the government announced that construction would begin next year on the project that involves the design, construction and operation of a 4,800-megawatt nuclear power plant in Dabaa district. The plant will have four VVER-1,200 pressurized water reactors.

Under construction is Egypt's $2 billion waste-to-energy plant, capable of processing between 600 and 1,100 tons per day. The plant will generate electricity or gas and will segregate solid organic waste (plastic and aluminum) for biogas destined for different sectors. Organic waste will constitute 65% of the total waste directed to recycling plants.

Source: ABIConsulting