The result of cooperation between Senegal and the Federal Republic of Germany, the Diass photovoltaic plant was inaugurated this Sunday by Head of State Macky Sall in the company of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. This is the eighth solar energy plant that Senegal inaugurates in record time. This allows more than 32% of renewable energy to be injected into the Senelec network.

“This plant with a capacity of 23 MW is the result of Senegalese-German cooperation through KFW and is one of the three (3) components of the renewable energy promotion program initiated by the two countries for an amount of 34 million euros. The energy produced by this plant of more than 20 million euros can supply more than 33,000 homes and generate for the State of Senegal through Senelec an estimated saving of 1,743,837,888 FCFA per year compared to a diesel thermal power plant.” , the company reports in a document.

The construction of this plant will also respond to certain environmental concerns, Senelec specifies: "This project contributes to the energy matrix recommended by the State of Senegal and contributes to increasing the participation of renewable energies in the Senelec is substantially in balance between supply and demand and allows the reduction of the carbon footprint with approximately 25,668 tons of carbon dioxide avoided. “It contributes to the preservation of the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

On a social level, the Diass plant generates 15 jobs in the exploitation phase and has allowed the creation of 350 direct jobs in the construction phase.

The project also includes two other components: component 2 with the construction of hybrid solar/diesel power plants in Goudiry, Kidira and Medina-Gounass; component 3 with the construction of hybrid power plants (solar/diesel/batteries) in Dionewar, Bassoul, Bettenty and Djirnda in the Saloum archipelago.

Source: BusinessNews Africa