"Young BRICS delegates explored ways in which the bloc can play a more significant role in global energy supply."

«On the sidelines of the summit that will bring together Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in South Africa at the end of the month, young entrepreneurs, researchers and activists have met in Johannesburg to reflect on how the BRICS can shape the energy future of Africa and themselves"

«The energy sector and energy itself belong to so many sectors and industries that in some way we find ourselves in other fields that are not just energy. However, they will be at the center of a community, working together and building stronger leadership. And what is called enlightened leadership is incredibly important to boost the energy sector,” said Alexander Kormishin, president of the BRICS Agency for Youth Energy.

BRICS countries not only consume large amounts of energy, but also hold about 40 % of the world's coal reserves, a quarter of natural gas reserves and 8 % of oil reserves.

«The need for access to energy security and a just transition is actually an opportunity, although it is a challenge, it is an opportunity for all of us, especially for young people. It is an opportunity for all of you to propose solutions that change the situation, taking advantage of various technological advances, including the need to address issues related to climate change,” explained Jacob Mbele, Director General of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy of South Africa.

Article source:africanews