Rabat: The leaders of the Seto organization, which represents the 70 largest tour operators in the French market, have announced Rabat as the venue for their annual congress next April.

The decision reflects growing confidence in Morocco's tourism sector, according to the Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) in a press release.

Seto leaders chose Rabat as the setting for their annual congress following a working session they had with the Regional Tourism Councils of Morocco. The session, initiated by ONMT, took place in Marrakech.

The meeting aimed to increase the number of Moroccan tourist destinations in the catalogs of French tour operators and promote Morocco as a "must-see" destination, according to the ONMT.

The Seto organization, known for its influence in shaping the French tourism landscape, expressed optimism about Morocco's development potential as a top tourist destination.

The decision to hold the annual congress of French operators in Rabat reflects the success of ONMT's ongoing strategy to promote Morocco as a key tourist destination.

"ONMT's 'Light In Action' strategy continues to guide the commitment to tourism excellence," the statement stated.

The “Light In Action” strategy aims to illuminate Morocco's tourism potential and improve its position globally.

Morocco's capital, Rabat, is about to become the focal point for major players in the French tourism industry, as Seto leaders gather to discuss industry trends, challenges and opportunities.

In addition to highlighting the importance of Morocco as a tourist center, the event will also highlight the Moroccan city as a key player in the organization of international conferences.

Article source:moroccoworldnews