The investment fund has just granted a $10 million line of credit to the Kenyan agricultural sector.

This financing will be provided to Kenyan agribusinesses. The objective is to improve the availability and quality of financing for the different value chains of the agricultural sector.

The support also aims to build the capacity of 300 agricultural value chain actors through training programs on sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural practices in key value chains such as cereals, horticulture and dairy.

“Our investment will help prepare various players in Kenya, including agricultural producers, aggregators, processors and exporters. These clients are using finance and knowledge to achieve sustainable production and exports that are more biodiversity and climate friendly, while reducing food insecurity,” said Michael Evers, Chairman of the Fund's Board of Directors.

In Kenya, agriculture contributes 22.4% of GDP and employs about 54% of the active population, according to World Bank data.

Source: L'observateurMarocAfrique