According to the Airport Pollution Index, Morocco's airports are among the least polluting in the world.

Morocco is in the Top 10 of countries with the lowest levels of carbon emissions (CO2) related to flights, according to a study carried out by the British company Utility Bidder, which ranks countries according to their flight carbon footprint .

With around 83 g of CO2 per passenger per kilometer, the Kingdom is in tenth position, behind countries such as Puerto Rico (in first place with 73 g), Greece, Hungary, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria , Portugal and Ethiopia.

The study estimates that around 100,000 flights take off daily from more than 41,000 airports around the world.

Luxembourg ranks first in the countries with the highest carbon footprint due to air traffic, with around 104 g of CO2 emissions per passenger per kilometer. Although this territory has only one international airport, it registers a large volume of passengers and cargo each year, but aims to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The US Virgin Islands are in second place with a total of 103 g per passenger per kilometer, while Albania closes the Top 3 with 101 g of carbon emissions per passenger per kilometer.

Article source: l'observateur