France and Spain remain the main export markets for Moroccan red peppers.

Morocco became the world's sixth largest exporter of bell peppers in 2022, according to new data.

East Fruit, a media outlet specializing in agriculture, claims that Moroccan bell pepper exports grew by 45% annually over the past five years.

This helped the country become the sixth largest exporter of peppers last year, surpassing several countries including Turkey.

The media outlet expects another good season this year for pepper exports. In the January-March period, Moroccan exports of peppers reached 56,000 tons.

In terms of loyal markets for Moroccan bell pepper products, Spain and France represent a cumulative share that reached 65% =– making them two key importing countries for Moroccan bell peppers.

"Morocco is also the first exporter of bell peppers to Spain and ranks second after Spain among the largest suppliers to France," the media outlet said.

Other key markets for Moroccan red peppers are Germany and the Netherlands, where Morocco ranks fifth and third, respectively, on the list of suppliers to both countries.

African countries also import Moroccan bell peppers, with Mauritania being one of the main receiving markets for Moroccan products.

The Mauritanian market received more than 11,000 tons of Moroccan bell peppers, East Fruit said, noting that Morocco "turned out to be its main supplier of these vegetables."

Source: MoroccoWorldNews