The Region of Murcia has established strong commercial ties with Morocco, with more than 6,000 companies active in business with the North African country.

These companies receive technical support from local promoters who work in collaboration with the Development Institute. It is expected that the next Spanish-Moroccan summit in Rabat will contribute to improving relations between both nations, which have been tense in recent years. Morocco is an important trading partner for Murcia, especially outside the European Union, and operates in multiple sectors.

Maintaining and expanding trade between Murcia and Morocco is crucial, as stated by David Garay, INFO's collaborating promoter. Despite some challenges and political tensions, the Moroccan option remains the preferred one for business and trade. This is due to the well-established and long-standing trade exchanges between both nations. However, recent tensions between Morocco and Algeria and the tension generated between Algeria and Spain over the Sahara have clouded trade exchange, especially in the energy sector.

Despite these challenges, Garay emphasizes the importance of maintaining a constant trade flow between Murcia and Morocco. Considers that the proper functioning of trade relations will help overcome political obstacles that may arise. The Spanish-Moroccan summit is an opportunity for both nations to reaffirm their commercial relationship and explore new opportunities for growth and expansion.

In conclusion, the strong commercial ties between Murcia and Morocco are a testament to the long relationship between both nations and the importance of trade in overcoming political challenges. The upcoming summit is an opportunity for both nations to reinforce their commitment to their trading partners and explore new avenues for growth and expansion.

Source: Onda Regional