According to the IMF, Morocco's GDP is expected to grow by 12% due to higher untapped tax revenue.

Rabat: Morocco has implemented new customs regulations for tourists bringing gifts or purchases totaling more than MAD 2,000 ($ 184).

The new rule will apply to any gift or purchase entering or leaving Morocco, according to Moroccan publication L'Economiste.

As a traveler, you are allowed to bring gifts from abroad to Morocco as a visitor in a limited quantity. The newspaper reported that customs declared without a commercial purpose, without having to carry out any procedures with customs or pay any import duty or tax. However, the total value of the items must not exceed MAD 2000 or $184.

A traveler will only be able to bring one 250 milliliter bottle of eau de toilette and one 150 milliliter bottle of perfume, according to new rules implemented by Customs.

Travelers will only be allowed to bring one pack of cigarettes, and all pharmaceutical products must be justified by a valid prescription under the new rules.

L'Economiste stated that "medicines for personal use are generally allowed duty-free," and emphasized that visitors must present relevant medical documentation.

In July, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecast that Morocco's tax revenue would boost the nation's GDP by 12%.

Tax revenue in the North African nation accounts for 21.6% of its GDP.

At the end of the first half of 2022, customs revenue reached 49 billion dirhams ($4.7 billion), 25% more than the previous year, according to the latest figures from the Moroccan state treasury (TGR).

Source: MoroccoWorldNews