In addition to helping it diversify its energy sources, the gas pipeline can help Europe avoid specific threats to its security by participating in the development of Africa.

Rabat – The Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline could help Europe avoid future threats to its security, in particular irregular migration, by achieving development in Africa, according to a policy report written by Senior Fellow Jamal Machrough for October 5. the Policy Center for the New South.

The report, entitled "Why Europe has a strategic interest in the realization of the Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline", argues that Europe's need to collaborate with its African partners means that the continent has a vested interest in making Africa prosperous.

As Europe deals with the "symptoms" of its security threats rather than addressing the root causes, the paper posits that raising Africa's socioeconomic conditions (which the pipeline could help achieve) would be the more effective solution to threats such as irregular migration.

The project will create employment opportunities and benefit communities, giving Africans fewer reasons to migrate north. At the same time, it can contribute to strengthening the capabilities of Europe's African partners, making them better equipped to combat threats.

Furthermore, according to the report, supporting African populations and improving their material conditions can open a new consumer market for European companies. With a rapidly growing population, Africa is beginning to attract the attention of global companies as a market with enormous potential.

The pipeline, which government officials say is proceeding "as planned," was mentioned earlier this year by King Mohammed VI as one of the investment projects with which Morocco hopes to help Africa achieve financial and energy independence.

In his report, Machrouh also addresses other benefits that the megaproject could have for Europe, such as reducing its dependence on Russian and Algerian energy sources. The continent faces an energy crisis this year as gas prices rise and winter approaches.

The gas pipeline, which will stretch for thousands of kilometers, will cross 13 countries, from Nigeria to Morocco and Spain, and is expected to supply energy to almost 400 million people.

Source: MoroccoWorldNews