Nation Branding aims to make a country attractive in all aspects. However, the attractiveness of a country may depend on the chosen sector. In Africa, the countries most attractive to tourists are not necessarily the most attractive to trade.

According to the Spanish consulting firm Bloom Consulting, specialized in Nation Branding, Nigeria is the most attractive African country for trade. This is what the company concludes in its Country Brand Ranking Trade Edition 2022-2023 report.

The study, as in its version dedicated to tourism, combines economic performance, Nation Branding strategy and the online presence of countries on trade-related issues to evaluate their attractiveness in this area.

Nigeria returned to first place in this ranking for the first time since the 2013 edition of the report. The Federal Republic apparently achieved its top position due to its resilience, while the previous country in first place, South Africa, saw its attractiveness affected by numerous economic problems.

The rainbow country's economic problems have been repeatedly mentioned by the media and have impacted its online perception. The ranking also highlights the progress of countries such as Kenya, which entered the top 10 for the first time. The East African country moved up five places to seventh place. “Kenya's digital data shows great interest in its economy, its agricultural sector, its natural resources and its business ecosystem,” the report reveals.


  • Nigeria (36th in the world) gained 1 position.
  • South Africa (39th in the world) lost 1 position.
  • Ghana (48th in the world) gained 2 positions.
  • Morocco (50th in the world) remained stable.
  • Egypt (51st in the world) loses 2 places.
  • Ethiopia (58th in the world) gained 1 position.
  • Kenya (71st worldwide) gained 5 positions.
  • Tanzania (76th in the world) loses 2 places.
  • Uganda (80th worldwide) gained 5 positions.
  • Tunisia (86th in the world) gains 1 place.
  • Mozambique (89th in the world) loses 3 places.
  • Botswana (90th in the world) gained 8 places.
  • Gabon (97th in the world) gains 6 places.
  • Mauritius (99th in the world) gains 7 places.
  • Mali (104th in the world) gained 8 positions.
  • Rwanda (105th in the world) gained 10 places.
  • Algeria (109th in the world) loses 7 places.
  • Senegal (110th in the world) gains 7 places.
  • Madagascar (111th worldwide) loses 3 places.
  • Cameroon (116th in the world) loses 3 places.
  • Ivory Coast (117th in the world) gains 7 places.
  • Malawi (119th in the world) rose 10 positions.
  • Zambia (122nd worldwide)