$150 million for companies. This is the sum Rwanda will pay to the private sector to stimulate growth and mitigate the impact of Covid on the economy.

This money, taken from the $ 250 million economic recovery fund launched in June 2021, is intended more particularly for the manufacturing sector and should make it possible to stimulate local production. The manufacturing industry is a key sector for the country and attracts many investors.

The first phase of aid had prioritized the sectors most affected by the pandemic, such as the hospitality industry.

And in the face of rising prices, Rwanda does not hesitate to take measures to support the economy.

Since last year, the government in particular has subsidized fuel and transportation, making transportation prices cheaper for the public.

Like Rwanda, many African economies are still trying to recover from the negative economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the war in Ukraine has worsened the global economic situation. Everywhere, commodity prices have risen.

Source: BusinessAfricaNews