The happiness of African cities comes from genuine indicators of well-being, not from imagined scenarios.

Vibrant cities like Victoria, Seychelles, and resilient Johannesburg stand as beacons of contentment.

Governance, economics, environment, mobility and unity weave the fabric of happiness in these urban refuges.

  1. Victoria, Seychelles: At the top of our happiness chart, Victoria in Seychelles emerges at 155th globally. This tropical retreat weaves modern living with the tranquil embrace of nature.
  2. Johannesburg, South Africa :Johannesburg, the tenacious heart of South Africa, proudly secures its place at number 166 in the world. This city tells a story of resilience, where diverse cultures come together in unity.
  3. Tshwane, South Africa :Ranking 178th in the world, Tshwane is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of heritage and progress. With an inclusive governance model and sustainable economic efforts, the city unites its rich past with a future-oriented vision.
  4. Cape Town, South Africa :Ranked 180th in the world, Cape Town is a charming fusion of natural beauty and urban appeal. A city that inspires dreams and fosters innovation, Cape Town's focus on the environment, economy and mobility cultivates a lifestyle of contentment.
  5. Durban, South Africa :Embracing the 192 global position, Durban presents itself as a vibrant mosaic of cultures, radiating happiness from its very core.