On April 28, 2022, the World Bank approved $200 million to help the government of Ghana catalyze its digital transformation under the Ghana Digital Acceleration Project (GDAP).

According to the press release, focus areas for improvement include broadband access, including in rural areas, government digital services and private sector digital innovation.

“Expanding digital access and adoption, improving the delivery of digital public services and promoting digitally enabled innovation is essential to Ghana’s digital transformation, which will help drive a strong post-COVID-19 recovery.” Pierre Laporte, World Bank Country Director for Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The Ghana Digital Acceleration Project will provide mobile Internet access to an additional 6 million Ghanaians, mainly in rural areas, and promote the digital inclusion of women and people with disabilities (World Bank).

“Digital technologies continue to transform societies, but many women and girls, especially in developing countries, remain excluded from the digital revolution due to social, cultural and institutional barriers.” African Development Bank

In fact, if implemented correctly, this project will improve the delivery of government services and strengthen the fight against corruption.

“Digitization of government services will also result in significant cost savings due to decreased travel and processing time to obtain services and transaction costs such as manual entry errors, fraud and corruption.” Maria Claudia Pachon, Senior Digital Development Specialist at the World Bank and Task Leader of the project.

Source: ABIConsulting