Gabon seeks to boost various economic sectors by supporting individual entrepreneurship and its industrialization for long-term benefits, especially self-sufficiency.

Gabon's Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy held a meeting with women and young entrepreneurs who have income-generating projects in the fishing sector, as part of the government's Income-Generating Activities Assistance Programme. The purpose of the meeting was to guide them in developing a business plan that might interest the evaluators during the selection process.

The program requires applicants to submit an application for aid with a detailed description of the activity that must be sent to the Ministry of Social Affairs, as reported by Le Nouveau Gabon. Several similar trainings are planned for other sectors.

It is worth remembering that President Ali Bongo announced a few weeks ago the creation of a fund of 2 billion CFA francs to support women and young entrepreneurs in creating income-generating activities. The government affirms that this fund is a concrete response to the economic and social difficulties of the most disadvantaged sections of the population, with the aim of promoting autonomy in various fields, including fishing.

Article source: ecom NEWS