Tunisia has more than $ 11 billion in projects in the pipeline

With a population of 12 million and an estimated GDP of $45 billion in 2021, Tunisia is investing in its transportation sector. There are about US$12 billion of planned transportation infrastructure projects, mainly in railways and ports.

TUNISIA has $ 11.83 billion worth of projects planned for its upcoming road and rail infrastructure platforms, including new ports and tram lines.

The top five companies include development consultancy SCET-Tunisie, which works for public and private sector clients (US $ 2.4 billion), the Ministry of Transport (US $ 3.6 billion), engineering company Studie Group and the Ministry of Port Transportation (US $ 1.6 billion). 

Last year, the government investigated a $2 billion investment in Tunisia's fast rail network to expand the rail system from Tunis to Ariana, from Global to Mnihla and from Bougatfa to May. Construction works will take place between May 2023 and 2029.

Another initiative consists of the construction of two tram lines. The first 22.8 kilometers connect the airport road to Cité El One through the city center and Mártires Avenue and include 38 stations. The 10.7-kilometer second line connects Gremda to the city center with 17 stations. Additional phases are being prepared.

The US $ 1.6 billion Enfidha port development will be a two-phase initiative with 1.2 kilometers of berths capable of handling 1 million TEU per year and operational by 2022. Total capacity will reach 4.3 million TEU to make compared to the demand forecast for 2043.

Construction includes:

  • Two breakwaters.
  • Dredging of the access channel.
  • Access road to the port.
  • Port administration buildings.
  • Tender spring.
  • Drinking water.
  • Electrical network connections.

Ongoing initiatives worth $9.2 billion include developments for the Tunisian Ministry of Youth and Sports ($5 billion), the Tunisian National Water Distribution Service ($768 million) and SCET-Tunisie ( 752 million dollars).

Source: ABIC Consulting